Let's meet again in 2018 on July 7-14, at the 61st Moonsund regatta: Tallinn, Kalev Yacht Club inshore race - Tallinn circle to Haven Kakumäe, Haven Kakumäe to Kärdla, Kärdla circle, Kärdla - Kihnu, Kihnu- Pärnu, Pärnu inshore races.

A. Le Coq 60th Moonsund Regatta took place on July 7-15, 2017 beginning from Haapsalu and finishing in Riga. The same route, but in the opposite direction was followed while sailing the first regatta 60 years ago.

Kalev Yacht Club, Pärnu YachtClub , Saaremaa Merispordi Selts, Estonian Yachting Union and 842 sailors from aboard of 142 boats are thankful for the support and smooth co-operation organizing A. Le Coq 60th Moonsund regatta!