A. Le Coq 62nd Moonsund Regatta enjoyed excellent racing weather | 16 Jul 19, piret.salmistu

After staying overnight in Haapsalu, the start was given in Rohuküla port.

Once all yachts reached Rohuküla, the previous weather forecast was proved wrong and everyone could enjoy fair winds. The course was 21 – 26 miles, depending on the class. PRO Andres Talts was very laconic in his comments today. All he had to say was: “Just beautiful!”

This time the group of the biggest yachts (ORC I) was dominated by Postimees Sailing Team from Yacht Club Dago. Yesterday’s best Olympic was second, and Matilda 4 was third again.

Sven Nuutmann, the skipper on Postimees Sailing Team, concluded that their result was down to a very good and well-planned start. “We learned from yesterday and our teamwork this time was impeccable. It was an excellent idea to put ORC I and ORC II on the same starting line and on the same course. This complicates the start but makes the race more interesting. It feels almost like a real championship.”  

In ORC II Aivar Tuulberg’s Katariina II from Pärnu Yacht Clubs was first, Sugar was a minute behind them, and Amserv Toyota Sailing Team from Kalev Yacht Club came in third.

Aivar Tuulberg, skipper of Katariina II was very happy: “It was a nice race! The weather was good and conditions good for sailing. We like ORC I and ORC II racing together – it enables one to measure up to bigger boats and the start is more competitive. Good practice for championships!”

In ESTLYS II Fanatic from Kalev Yacht Club managed to improve their position and came in first. Ain-Eke Jalasto, skipper of yacht Fanatic is participating for the 24th time already and has been sailing on Fanatic since 2002. According to him the race was complicated: “The race was tight, but we managed to stay in front of our main competitor Tessa. Roomassaare - Pärnu will be the hardest but everything comes down to wind, of course. Heavier weather suits our boat.”

Folkboot Lind from Kalev Yacht Club got its second win, although their position wasn’t sure until the very end. Skipper Tiit Riisalo: “With Folkboots it’s easy – who is first, is first. It makes the race more exciting because you don’t have to wait to hear your result.”

The top three of the LOODUSINVEST Haapsalu - Kuivastu leg of the A. Le Coq Moonsund regatta:


I Postimees Sailing Team, EST850, Yacht Club Dago, skipper Sven Nuutmann
II Olympic, EST463, Yacht Club Dago, skipper Tiit Vihul
III Matilda 4, EST112, Haapsalu Yacht Club, skipper Koit Pauts
I Katariina II, EST646, Pärnu Yacht Club, skipper Aivar Tuulberg
II Sugar, EST774, Pärnu Yacht Club, skipper Alari Akermann
III Amserv Toyota Sailing Team, EST379, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Margus Žuravljov

I  Kvartet, RUS297, Neva, skipper Vasilii Alekseev
II LAGLE III, EST554, HJK/SMS, skipper Ülari Velviste
III Severnoe Siianie, RUS571, Baltiec, skipper Gennady Rybkin
I Merion X, EST710, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Ain Pomerants
II Katarina Jee, EST464, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts, skipper Mart Tamm
III Extra Brut, LAT577, Pilseta YC, skipper Alexei Alexeev
I Fanatic, EST239, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Ain-Eke Jalasto
II Tessa, EST324, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Alar Ivanson
III Brigitta, EST295, Pärnu Yacht Club, skipper Kristjan Rähn
I Lote, EST460, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts skipper Rando Salu
II Far-O-Zon, EST750, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Maarja Kask
III Black Bird, EST574, Haapsalu Yacht Club, skipper Tarmo Polli
I Lind, EST32, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Tiit Riisalo
II Linda, EST42, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Rimo Timm
III Jonna, EST50, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Mikk Köösel
Open 800
I Vostok, RUS1800, Vodnik,  skipper Denis Shari
II Globus, RUS250, SPb RYC, skipper Andrei Nikandrov
III Alaska, RUS298, MBU SC Primorsk, skipper Ivan Tokarev

All results are available on the website here and the gallery here.
The Tuesday race takes yachts to Roomassaare along the south side of the Muhu and Saaremaa islands. Wednesday is for the Abruka circle. Before the start Admiral Bellingshausen is launched on her voyage to the Antarctic.
A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta is organized by Kalev Yacht Club and Pärnu Yacht Club in cooperation with the Estonian Yachting Union.

Sponsors of the Moonsund Regatta are: A. Le Coq, Pro Marine Trade, Haapsalu municipality, LoodusInvest, PR Foods/Heimon Kala, Hiiumaa Sadamad, Santa Maria, Silmalaser, Essilor, Alter Marine, M.V Wool, Rahva Raamat, Alexela, Sportland / Helly Hansen, DSV, Volvo, Amserv, Hiiumaa rural municipality government, Muhu rural municipality government, Saaremaa rural municipality government and Pärnu municipality.


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