For a cleaner Baltic Sea | 27 May 21, sigrid.kahar

Moonsund Regatta and Estonian beverage producer A. Le Coq shall join forces for a cleaner Baltic Sea to promote sustainable seafaring. A. Le Coq has been a long-term supporter of the oldest sailing event in Estonia and as the collaboration of the two was consolidated in 2014, it has been known as the A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta ever since. The extension of the cooperation agreement is a clear indication of A. Le Coq’s firm interest in Estonian culture and sports and now the two partners have decided to contribute towards a cleaner Baltic Sea.

“A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta is the largest and oldest sailing regatta in Estonia that brings together all the best competitive sailors from Estonia and its neighbouring countries but also hobby sailors who enjoy visiting Estonian harbours and the regatta vibe. In addition to organizing a high-level sailing competition, our goal is to promote Estonian maritime culture, environmental awareness both at sea and in the harbours we visit,” explains regatta director Agnes Lill.


“The A. Le Coq 64. Moonsund Regatta is going to visit Pärnu, Ruhnu, Kõiguste and Kärdla harbours this year and our activities shall engage sailors in sorting packaging, not throwing cigarettes overboard, collecting trash from the sea and in as much recycling as possible,” declares Lauri Kurvits, Kalev Yacht Club manager.


Respecting and caring for the sea comes naturally to all sailors, because the sea is their second home. This year the regatta is welcomed also on the island of Ruhnu, where we have agreed not to leave anything behind. We hope to set an example and show that all small islands can be visited without burdening them with any waste.


Rando Mõrd, sales director of A. Le Coq: “Sailing may seem like big engine activity but in fact it’s all about the power of the wind and the wisdom of sailors – it is as green as it gets. It is therefore truly inspiring how the cohesive community of sailors wants not just to race but also be trendsetter in environmentally friendly lifestyle choices. As a supporter of the regatta, A. Le Coq is proud of the new environmental direction the Moonsund Regatta is taking, because we see it as a great opportunity for taking the green message to a wider audience.”


Pärnu, Ruhnu, Kõiguste and Kärdla are looking forward to welcoming the Moonsund Regatta between the 10th and 17th of July. The regatta will stay in each harbour for two nights and the local races are scheduled always for day two. Such rhythm will enable alternating long offshore races with shorter distances. For almost forty teams, the A. Le Coq 64. Moonsund Regatta shall serve as an excellent opportunity to train for the Alexela Offshore Sailing World Championships in Tallinn in August.


A. Le Coq 64. Moonsund Regatta is organised by Kalev Yacht Club and Pärnu Yacht Club in cooperation with Estonian Yachting Union. The sponsors of the regatta are: A. Le Coq, Sportland/Helly Hansen, Amserv, Pro Marine Trade, Tactical Foodpack, Heimon Kala, Santa Maria, Alter Marine, Alexela, DSV, Volvo Trucks Estonia, Rahva Raamat, the city of Pärnu and Hiiumaa Sadamad.