AND THE SPECIAL PRIZES OF RAHVA RAAMAT GO TO.... | 21 Jul 20, sigrid.kahar

Rahva Raamat has for years been the sponsor of special prizes of Moonsund Regatta. The recievers of those prizes were not the fastest boats and competitors
YOUNGEST PARTICIPANTS -  girl 11 year old Katariina Usta, yacht Hope EST270, Pärnu YC; boy 13 years old Iko Jochen Toots, yacht INANNA, EST 969, Kalevi YC
MOST SENIOR PARTICIPANT - Heino Melts, yacht Sinilind, Pärnu YC, EST 520, ORC III

YOUNGEST CAPTAIN - Mattias Johan Kangur, yacht Liza 1, Kalevi YC, EST 734, ORC IV

JUNIOR TEAM - yacht Liza 1, Kalevi YC, EST 734, ORC IV

OLDEST YACHT OF THE REGATTA - Folkboot Greta - 1968 - kapten Liise Köösel

FIRST TO REGISTER - Jazz EST465 - Kalevi YC - skipper Henri Roihu, ORC II

63RD TO REGISTER - Kaija EST29 - Noblessner - skipper Annika Malva

NEAREST MISS IN SECONDS - 20 seconds (15 hours long race), yacht Jazz, EST 465, Kalevi YC, skipper Henri Roihu, ORC II

FIRST NOT TO MAKE IT IN THE TIME LIMIT - yacht Hilja, EST 920, Haapsalu YC, skipper Villem Reinaas, ORC III

YACHT ON THE ROCKS - yacht Bora, EST 733, Narva-Jõesuu Sailing School, skipper Vladislav Gordin, ORC IV

DOUBLE-HANDED TEAM - yachts RTS Baltic and Inanna and Julechka - the prize was given to Julechka

THE SHORTEST TIME ON THE LONGEST DISTANCE - time  9 h 00 m 41 s, yacht Premium, EST 499, Kalevi YC , skipper Tanel Tamm

MOST IMPRESSIVE SPINNAKER - Edelweiss, EST 678, Kalevi YC, skipper Raido Notton, ORC II

MOST MUSICAL YACHT - yacht Linda, EST 1, Pärnu YC, skipper Andres Tamm, ORC I

Thank you, Rahva Raamat!!!