After rough seas on Haapsalu-Kärdla race half of the regatta is accomplished | 14 Jul 16, anneli.lepp1

The third race of the A. Le Coq 59th Moonsund Regatta, the Loodusinvest Haapsalu­-Kärdla leg, set off on Tuesday at 12:15 near Rohuküla harbour on Rukkirahu. The start was delayed as big waves made getting to the starting line quite complicated. The third leg was 27 – 36 nautical miles and the race set off in two-meter waves and winds of 10 – 12 m/s. By seven everyone was in Kärdla harbour to relax and have fun and get prizes for the recent race.


The best in ORC I was Forte with Jaak Jõgi from Kalev YC. Ladybird and Johannes Puusepp from Pärnu YC were second and Tuule with captain Jaan Mugra also from Pärnu came in third. After three races the favourites are the same: Forte, Tuule, Sylvia.


ORC II was dominated by Merepärl and Alari Akermann's team from Pärnu. Amserv Toyota ST and Margus Zuravijov were not far behind and the third on the podium was the team of Silva, captained by Jaanus Talp, both from Kalev YC. In this group all three race wins belong to Merepärl, Harles Liiv and Adele (Baltsail JK) and Ivar Aru's team from Cherie (Kalev YC) have an equal number of points and hold the second and third place respectively.


The first three yachts coming in in group CD <8 were: Kadri and Tanel Õun's team; Blanca and Jaan Tiidermann's team and Lagle II from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts with Ülari Velviste at the helm. With three race wins Kadri is holding the leader's position overall, Blanca is second and Lagle II third.


The best team in ESTLYS I was Fanatic from Kalev YC with captain Ain-Eke Jalasto. They tied with Mir from with captain Sergey Bruza. Yacht ARIEL with Sergei Ganichey, also from Russia, were third. 


In ESTLYS II the best of the race were Windwalker and captain Priit Jürioja's team who are also leaders overall. Yacht Elli captained by Margus Hiet was second (also second overall) and Sinilind with Väino Hallikmägi came in third. After three races Põhjatäht and Tanel Kurs from Pärnu are on the third position.


The winner of the third race in ESTLYS III was Haapsalu YC yacht Aurora with Pille Kaas at the helm ensuring them also the first position overall. Janno Luurmees and Kristi were second and Iir and Peeter Siniväli third, both from Kalev YC. Overall second is Kristi and third position is held by a Kalev YC yacht Salme Auguste with Kaupo Paal at the helm.


All race winners in Folkboot were from Kalev Yacht Club. The fastest was Muinasjutukuningas with Jaanus Nõgisto, Lind with Tiit Riisalo at the helm came in second and Mikk Köösel with Greta were third. Overall leader is Muinasjutukuningas, Lind is holding the second position and third is Pertti Neero's Linda from Kalev YC.

Morning in Haapsalu – Meisi Volt/Postimees

Setting sail for Haapsalu-Kärdla – Piret Salmistu

Now the regatta will stay in Hiiumaa for a couple of days. The next events are Postimees Kärdla Näkimadala regatta and sailors dinner. An optimist event for seasoned sailors will be held on Thursday morning. The longest race of Moonsund, the Musto Haapsalu-Tallinn race will set off Thursday midday.