PRESS RELEASE: Biggest surprise in the first race of the A. Le Coq 60th Moonsund Regatta? The weather. | 09 Jul 17, piret.salmistu

The festivities of the anniversary regatta were kicked off on the 7th of July and the first race on Saturday took more than 140 boats on the leg from Haapsalu to Kuivastu.

Friday night was in every way worthy of the big anniversary. Supported by a brass band, sailors from five different countries marched under club and country flags from Veskiviigi marina to Haapsalu’s Kuursaal where the regatta was opened with celebratory speeches. Urmas Sukles, the mayor of Haapsalu, could not have been happier to send the anniversary regatta off from his own town. Egon Elstein, president of the Yachting Union, expressed his gratitude to all sailors, especially to the record-breaking 34 teams from abroad as it is their endorsement that increases the number of foreign guests each year. Commodore of Kalev Yacht Club Kalev Vapper was proud of the never previously achieved 55 yachts from his club. Aime Kreis and Ülo Vooglaid, participants at the very first Moonsund regatta 60 years ago, came to see the anniversary regatta off and cheered all participants: “Let’s celebrate the SEA, our grand and generous teacher! May you enjoy a great regatta! Keep the dry side up!”

The wind forecast was so miserable for the opening race that there were moments when a successful start became highly doubtful but PRO Andres Talts did not lose hope and sent the fleet out. The weather gods must have felt benevolent as by noon the sailors were welcomed by sunny skies and chirpy southerly winds of 4-6 m/s. The planned start was at 2 p.m. and the first boats to take off towards Muhu were the 13 Folkboots racing to the title of the Estonian champion. 

The three largest classes were set to sail 23 miles and the smaller classes 21 miles. The wind changed its course during the race so that almost no one could enjoy tailwinds but the first ORC I yachts reached Kuivastu in three and half hours. However, many smaller boats had no such luck. The first ones to arrive set finishing times and quite a big number of boats did not make it within the set limits as the winds died down considerably later in the day.

The first three placements of Haapsalu – Kuivastu leg of the A. Le Coq 60. Moonsund Regatta:

ORC I – 10 boats

I Forte, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Jaak Jõgi

II Olympic, Yacht Club Dago, skipper Tiit Vihul

III Aurora Borealis, Russia, skipper Leonid Tkach


ORC II - 15 boats

I Amserv Toyota ST, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Margus Zuravljov

II Cherie, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Ivar Aru

III Vesikaar, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Tanel Tamm


ORC III – 10 boats

I Blanca, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Jaan Tiidemann

II Kvartet, Russia, skipper Vassili Alekseev

III Bamby, Russia, skipper Leonid Chizhik


ESTLYS I – 28 boats

I Põhjakonn, Pärnu Yacht Club, skipper Peeter Volkov

II Katarina Jee, Saaremaa Marine Sports Society, skipper Mart Tamm

II Extra Brut, Latvia, skipper Alexei Alexeev


ESTLYS II – 26 boats

I Brigitta, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Mikk Metstak

II Centaur, Saaremaa Marine Sports Society, skipper Rain Riim

III Seabird, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Toivo Roosma


ESTLYS III – 36 boats

I Mercurius, Saaremaa Marine Sports Society, skipper Margus Tasa

II Aurora, Haapsalu Yacht Club, skipper Pille Kaas

III  Luisa, Haapsalu Yacht Club, skipper Henry Viiret


FOLKBOOT – 13 boats

I Linda, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Pertti Neero

II Tee Chee, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Peeter Välkmann

III Lind, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Tiit Riisalo



The prize ceremony of the first leg, hosted by Andrus Kaalep from, was held in Kuivastu marina late in the evening.


The regatta will continue on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. with a race to Roomassaare that will host the regatta for two days, until Tuesday morning.