Cruising Group at the regatta | 23 May 18, piret.salmistu

It is already the third year when it is possible to participate in the Moonsund Regatta without having to compete!

What we offer:


•     Free of charge moorage is provided to boats participating in the regatta as part of the cruising group

•     All participants of the cruising group receive the regatta’s memorabilia and service package including the following:

•     The anniversary of the Estonian Yachting Union at Haven Kakumäe

•     Free regatta soup in Kärdla and Kihnu

•     Participation at the regatta dinner party in Pärnu

•     Participation in the events of the regatta

•     Access to all common areas and services in the ports on the same conditions as the competing crews participating in the regatta.


Rules for participants


•     No prizes are awarded and official times are not taken.

•     Yachts participating in the cruising group take full responsibility for their participation and the organisers of the regatta will not bear any liability for the safety of the participants.

•     All yachts must have VHF communication capacity.

•     Each yacht must have valid third-party liability insurance (minimum sum insured 500,000 euros), which can be obtained upon registration at the regatta office.

•     The boats whose starting procedure is not ongoing must keep clear of the starting area.

•     Participation fee 50 euros per person. Registration on-site or at the address



Additional information is available from: Kalev Jahtklubi, Pirita tee 17, Tallinn 11911; mobile: 523 3308;