PRESS RELEASE: A. Le Coq 58. Moonsund Regatta – Pärnu circle, like a walk in the park | 25 Jul 15, piret.salmistu

A. Le Coq 58. Moonsund regatta’s last but one leg – the Pärnu circle – was very different from all the previous races. The 14-16 mile race in good weather felt like a walk in the park after all previous exhausting races.  However, the 10-11 m/s wind and waves made starting quite tricky. Most leaders held on to their positions but the final results will be clear, of course, only after tomorrow’s short track races.

ORC I leader Olympic EST463 with Tiit Vihul from Dago YC continued their winning streak and got a fourth race win in a row. As after the fifth race all worst results were discarded, Olympic now has four first places and one fourth place and they are leading with two points in front of Reval Cafe Elisa ST EST703 with Eero Pank’s team from Kalev YC. Third was Forte EST475 with Jaak Jõgi from Kalev YC.

ORC II surprised with a tie: first place was shared by Ivar Aru on Cherie EST633 (Kalev YC) and Aivar Tuulberg on Katariina II EST949 (Pärnu YC) who both came in within one second. Third was Sugar 2 EST711 and Jaan Akermann (Pärnu YC) who is also group leader at the moment.

ORC III overall leader is Kadri EST185 with Andres Haavel who came in third (Saaremaa Merispordi Selts). The winner of the Pärnu circle was Dmitri Mostovoy on Prizrak RUS331 (YCOB) from Russia. Second place went to another Russian yacht Kvartet RUS297 with Vassily Alexeev at the helm.

In ESTLYS I the Pärnu circle was especially favourable to Mia EST330 and Jaanus Talp (Kalev YC) who came in five minutes before the second yacht, which was Russia’s Mir RUS908 with Aleksander Kulikov. Ain Jalasto’s team on Fanatic EST239 was third.

ESTLYS II group leader Mikk Metstak on Brigitta EST295 (Kalev YC) ensured their position with another win. Second and third places went to local Pärnu Yachtclub boats Lili Marleen EST216 with Mart Allik and Temper EST188 with Harri Murd respectively.  

In ESTLYS III the Pärnu circle did not bring any changes in the list of group leaders.  First place went to Pille Kaas and Aurora EST575 (Haapsalu YC), Ragnar Kõiv on Lion EST46 (Haapsalu JK) came in second and the third place went to Margus Tasa and Mercurius EST45 (Saaremaa Merispordi Selts).  Overall third is now the last year’s winner Andres Kõnd on Frida EST715 (Kalev YC).

Folkboots, who had to change their route because of rough weather and came in from Kihnu, competed side-by-side with everyone else and Pärnu circle brought many changes to the overall results.  Mikk Köösel on Greta EST5 is still sailing towards the champion’s title. Peeter Välkmann on TeeChee EST F38 (Neeme) was second and Olev Oolup on Tuuli EST18 (Haapsalu YC) came in third.

Kuivastu - Roomassaare race was sponsored by Euronics, Roomassaare - Pärnu by Dermoshop and the

Pärnu circle by Porsche. In the evening all sailors are invited to the gala dinner and they will be hosted by Rainer Aavik, deputy mayor of Pärnu, Egon Elstein, president of the EJL and Jüri Sõber, commodore of the Pärnu yacht club.

The final race of the A. Le Coq 58th Moonsund regatta will start on July 25 at 9:40.  Postimees will broadcast it live. Hopefully there will be three races, each lasting an hour. The award ceremony for the Moonsund regatta and for the Estonian ORC III and Folkboot champions  will take place in Pärnu yacht club approximately at 17:00.