The Moonsund Regatta filled the Tallinn Bay with boats | 09 Jul 18, piret.salmistu

The first races of the A. Le Coq 61st Moonsund Regatta are done. The ProMarine – Kalev Yacht Club short races on the upwind/downwind course in Tallinn Bay were probably the most vigorous of all the upcoming races. The winners are: Forte, Cherie, Bailarina, Credit24 Reval Cafe, Equipe du Piloilleri 3, Lote and Lind.

In the afternoon 109 yachts went out on the sea from Kalev Yacht Club where two courses were set up, for bigger and smaller boats respectively.  

PRO Andres Talts says everything worked out as forecast. “The wind was from the northwest-west and it sustained at 8-9 knots for about two hours. Then it turned north, just as expected, but just about too much. So much so that the second race of the bigger yachts had to be disrupted and halted in order to set up a new course. The new race could enjoy northeast winds but due to the time lost only two races instead of three could be held.”

The results of the two races were combined and the results of the ProMarine – Kalev Yacht Club leg are as follows:

ORC I group
1. FORTE EST475 X-41 Tammo Otsasoo, Kalev Yacht Club 1-1 2 p
2. SUGAR 2 EST711 NM38S Marjaliisa Umb, Pärnu Yacht Club 2-2 4 p
3. MINNI EST50 X-35 Andres Aavik, Kalev Yacht Club 4-3 7 p

ORC II group
1. CHERIE EST633 First 35 Ivar Aru, Kalev Yacht Club 1-1 3 p
2. JAZZ EST465 First 34.7 Viljar Sepp, Kalev Yacht Club 3-3 4 p
3. MATILDA 3 EST462 First 34.7 Koit Pauts, Haapsalu Yacht Club 2-5 7 p

ORC III group
1. BAILARINA LAT350 Platu 25 Andrejs Buls, RSSC 1-2 3 p
2. KVARTET RUS297 O-800 Vasilii Alekseev, Neva 3-1 4 p
3. LAGLE III EST554 Finn Express 83 Ülari Velviste, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts 2-4 6 p

1. CREDIT24 REVAL CAFE EST703 Eero Pank, Kalev Yacht Club 1-1 2 p
2. KATARIINA JEE EST464 Mart Tamm, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts 3-3 6 p
3. LE MANS LAT771 Kristaps Remess, Latvijas Y/C 5-2 7 p

1. EQUIPE DU PILOILLERI 3 FIN9004 Anne-Mari Luik, ROPK/Kalev Yacht Club 3-2   5 p
2. CENTAUR EST371 Risto Riim, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts 2-3 5 p
3. LILIANN EST396 Margus Beljakov, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts 6-1 7 p

1 . LOTE EST460 Rando Salu, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts 1-1 2 p
2. EDELWEISS EST723 Raido Notton, Kalev Yacht Club 4-3 7 p
3. KAIJA EST29 Annika Malva, Noblessneri purjespordikool 3-6 9 p

1. LIND EST32 Tiit Riisalo, Kalev Yacht Club   1-3 4 p
2. MUINASJUTUKUNINGAS EST31 Jaanus Nõgisto, Kalev Yacht Club 2-2   4 p
3. LINDA EST42 Pertti Neero, Kalev Yacht Club 5-1 6 p

All results:

** Gallery - Aron Urb / EV100

Monday should have milder winds and as Haven Kakumäe will host EV100 Marine festivities to celebrate Estonian Yachting Union 90 in the evening, the Eesti Meedia Tallinn circle is built so that all boats can reach Haven Kakumäe between 5-6 in the evening. The program of the regatta can be found here: veebilehel.