The Moonsund Regatta is in Hiiumaa | 12 Jul 18, piret.salmistu

The fourth leg of the A. Le Coq 61st Moonsund Regatta comprised of the Hiiu county Kärdla circle. This 10-mile race was just what the contestants needed between two lengthy distances in order to relax a bit and recuperate. The winners of the race sailed in perfect weather were: Sugar 2, Amserv Toyota ST, Bailarina, Credit24 Reval Cafe, Tessa, Lote and Linda.

The morning in Kärdla harbour was quiet and slow. As the last competitors arrived after one o’clock at night only, the races of the day were postponed for two hours. The keywords of the day were: perfect starting lines, clean starts, ideal conditions. PRO Andres Talts expressed his pleasure: “We managed to set the starting line really well and the mark was upwind where it was supposed to be. Everything happened as planned and it was really neat that the 8-10 knot wind was not wasted on false starts.”

Sugar 2 and Marjaliisa Umb dominated ORC I again and they are the overall leaders of the group. In ORC II, however, Amserv Toyota ST with Margus Zuravljov from Kalev Yacht Club got their first race win of the regatta. After four races the overall leader of ORC II is Jazz with Viljar Sepp from Kalev Yacht Club. The race winner in ORC III that is also racing for the Estonian Championship title, was the group’s overall leader Bailaris with Andrejs Buls from Latvian club RSSC. ESTLYS I was dominated by Eero Pank’s team on Credit24 Reval Cafe from Kalev Yacht Club who is second overall behind Katarina Jee with Mart Tamme at the helm from Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society. In ESTLYS II we can see a very tight competition between Tessa and Alar Ivanson and Fanatic and Ain-Eke Jalasto, first and second in the race and overall respectively. Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society’s yacht Lote captained by Rando Salu won the race in group ESTLYS III and this puts them on second position overall behind Margus Tasa’s yacht Mercurius, also from Saaremaa. In Folkboots, who are also racing for the title of the Estonian Champion, Pertti Neero’s team on Linda from Kalev Yacht Club finished first.

Annika Malva, captain of an all-woman team on Kaija, who came in second in ESTLYS III, could not be happier: “It was our weather today: moderate wind and small waves. In these conditions we managed our boat well and were able to bring out the best in her. But we made some tactically good decisions too – we separated from the group and could sail as we saw fit. It was our day.”

Tiit Riisalo, second on Lind today, said: “The weather was good and, as always, the race was very tight among Folkboots. Yesterday’s race was the perfect example of it – we raced for thirteen hours and the first two yachts came in just 17 seconds apart. We are happy with our second place today. We have sailed well overall (1-1-2-2) too but as our competitors are doing well also, we cannot relax yet.”

The next race will be a long one again – more than 70 miles – and it will take the fleet to the island of Kihnu.

Winners of the Hiiu county Kärdla circle are:

1. SUGAR 2 EST711 Marjaliisa Umb, Pärnu Yacht Club

2. FORTE EST475 Tammo Otsasoo, Kalev Yacht Club

3. MINNI EST50 Andres Aavik, Kalev Yacht Club

1. AMSERV TOYOTA ST EST379 Margus Žuravljov, Kalev Yacht Club
2. JAZZ EST465 Viljar Sepp, Kalev Yacht Club
3. ADELE EST467 Aleksandr Karboinov, JK Baltsail

1.BAILARINA LAT350 Andrejs Buls , RSSC
2. PRIZRAK RUS331 Dmitry Mostovoy, Vodnik
3. KVARTET RUS297 Vasilii Alekseev, Neva

1. CREDIT24 REVAL CAFE EST703 Eero Pank, Kalev Yacht Club
2. TUULE EST408 Kristjan Mugra, Pärnu Yacht Club

3. KATARINA JEE EST464 Mart Tamm, Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society

1. TESSA EST324 Alar Ivanson, Kalev Yacht Club
2. FANATIC EST239 Ain-Eke Jalasto, Kalev Yacht Club
3. EQUIPE DU PILOILLERI 3 FIN9004 Anne-Mari Luik, ROPK/ Kalev Yacht Club


1. LOTE EST460 Rando Salu, Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society
2. KAIJA EST29 Annika Malva, Noblessner Sailing School
3. MERCURIUS EST45 Margus Tasa, Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society

1. LINDA EST42 Pertti Neero, Kalev Yacht Club
2. LIND EST32 Tiit Riisalo, Kalev Yacht Club
3. TEE CHEE EST38 Peeter Välkmann, Kalev Yacht Club

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